Sunday, April 6, 2014

Men's UTRS: The Best Scores of 2014 Updated April 6

The All Around is going to do their handy dandy rankings this year for the women. If they take on the men, I will stop my UTRS (Uncle Tim Ranking System). Again, for those who care, "UTRS" is pronounced "uterus."

As per usual, take these rankings with a grain of salt. (Pro Tip: Never bet your life savings based on my numbers–or my predictions for that matter.) I recognize that judging varies from meet to meet, but sometimes, it is evident that the judges are smoking something. Earlier this year, the American judges at the Houston Invitational were higher than the attendees of Woodstock. So, I decided to drop those scores from the UTRS. Sorry.

But before we begin, here's a fun fact:

At the 2014 Tokyo World Cup, Kohei Uchimura's total D score was a 38.6. That's 0.5 harder than his routines at the 2013 World Championships. 

Men's All-Around Rankings: Best Scores

1. Kohei UchimuraJapan92.898Tokyo World Cup
2. Fabian HambuechenGermany90.231Tokyo World Cup
3. Sam MikulakUSA90.098American Cup
4. Ryohei KatoJapan89.397Tokyo World Cup
5. Max WhitlockGreat Britain89.000British Championships
6. Shogo NonomuraJapan88.965American Cup
7. Daniel PurvisGreat Britain88.899American Cup
8. John OrozcoUSA88.065American Cup
9. Kristian ThomasGreat Britain87.950English Championships
10. Sergio SasakiBrazil87.797Tokyo World Cup

Best Score of 2013: Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 92.165, Stuttgart

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sloppy: The 2014 American Cup Drinking Game

As usual, play at your own risk!

Take A Big Gulp Whenever…

  • It sounds like Nastia is whispering into the microphone.
  • The commentators use the word "capable."
  • Nastia and Tim begin to reminisce about the glory days when they still wore grips and leotards.
  • Al Trautwig makes a WTF comment, and Tim Daggett laughs uncomfortably to be polite.
  • Someone on social media calls Carlotta Ferlito a racist.
  • Someone on social media wonders why Gabby Douglas isn't competing.
  • Someone on social media confuses Elizabeth Price with Gabby Douglas.
  • A gymnast does an aerial front walkover.
  • A male gymnast does a double pike dismount off parallel bars.
  • A female gymnast does a double pike on floor. (You're going to get so drunk. Oops.)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not So Sexy Data: The U.S. Pommel Horse Problem

In this photo, Akash is clearly concerned about something. I'm guessing it's the pommel horse scores.

Yesterday, I said that the U.S. men were in trouble on pommel horse. Well, here's some (not so) sexy data to back it up:

Averages from the 2014 Winter Cup
for the U.S. National Team

NameFX Avg.PH Avg.SR Avg.VT Avg.PB Avg.HB Avg.
Akash Modi14.75013.55014.25014.30015.37513.875
Alex Naddour11.750
Brandon Wynn15.550
Chris Brooks14.40013.62514.55014.87514.70015.275
Donnell Whittenburg14.97512.60015.37515.02514.55014.050
Eddie Penev15.45015.22514.07513.900
Jake Dalton15.150
John Orozco14.30012.80014.70015.00013.47515.400
Jonathan Horton
Josh Dixon14.87512.57514.15015.10014.02514.700
Marvin Kimble14.67513.20014.60014.22515.02514.225
Paul Ruggeri
Sam Mikulak
Sean Melton15.00013.40014.20015.02514.05014.825
Steven Legendre14.700
There was a bonus system in place at the Winter Cup, so some of these averages might be a little on the higher side.

When the current U.S. National Team averages a 12.938 on pommel horse, it's time to panic if you're a U.S. gymnastics fan. And if you're a U.S. National Team member, it might be time to risk tendonitis of the wrist--due to excessive circling.

Pass me the Xanax. I'm going to need it this year.

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